21 August 2009, minor revisions 7 February 2010. Here are complete lists containing the 16,644¹ hills in Great Britain (Isle of Man is included, but not Northern Ireland) with a relative height of at least 30 metres (about 100 feet), created and supplied by Mark Jackson of Cambridge, UK.

The four columns show hill name, height in metres above sea level, relative height in metres, and a six-figure OSGB grid reference.

Country Hills Regions
Scotland 10653 1-28
Isle of Man 45 29
Wales 2322 30-32
England 3634 33-42

All 42 regional lists may be downloaded and unzipped from a single file downloadable here.

NEW February 2010 Now available in CSV and KML format for use in Google Earth. The OSGB grid references are hyperlinked to the OSGB's Get-A-Map service. The CSV files are available to help users to design their own KML files, this is possible using CSV2KML. The markers in the KML files downloadable from here use the following colour scheme based on relative height: blue 600m, green 150m ("Marilyns"), yellow 100m ("HuMPs"), white 30m. Due to the quantity of placemarks, attempting to view more than one region at a time may adversely affect Google Earth's response speed.


The list is divided into the 42 regions used by Alan Dawson in his 1992 book The Relative Hills of Britain, the book which contained the first list of the "Marilyns" (hills with 150m relative height; there are currently 1556 of them). Each region has been broken into a number of sections. Within each section, the Marilyns are listed in height order, in bold and indented. Each Marilyn is followed by the 30m hills which lie inside its topographic "prominence domain", in height order. (These domains can be drawn by tracing the runoffs from the key cols of each Marilyn; see here for examples.) In addition, hills on islands lower than 150m have been allocated to the "prominence domain" of their nearest Marilyn, so that the whole country can be divided up in this fashion.

Hills with 100m relative height are known as "HuMPs" (standing for Hundred Metre Prominence). There are 2991 of these included in these lists. This list was released by Mark Jackson in 2007, mostly from work done by Eric Yeaman and Clem Clements. It is available from this site but a better edition will be coming soon.

This list was built on work done by many people, most notably Alan Dawson, who as well as compiling the Marilyns also listed the Hewitts (England and Wales, 2000ft height, 30m drop) and the Murdos, Corbett Tops, Graham Tops and New Donalds (Scotland, 2000ft height, 30m drop).

Further work was done in the 1990s and 2000s by Eric Yeaman (Scotland, 100m drop as well as certain hills qualifying by distance), Michael Dewey (England and Wales, 500-609m height, 30m drop), Myrddyn Phillips (Wales, 30m drop) and Clem Clements (Britain, 300-609m height, 30m drop; also England and Wales, 100m drop). Great assistance was provided by Rob Woodall, Bernie Hughes and Iain Cameron in compiling database versions of these lists.

The remaining sections of the list have been compiled by Mark Jackson between 2005 and 2009 and collated with the other lists to provide a unified list for Britain.

Until further work has been done the information in these lists may be inaccurate and may not reflect latest developments. For up-to-date data on the HuMPs, Deweys, Hewitts, Murdos, Corbett Tops, Graham Tops, Donalds and certain other hills, those interested are encouraged to consult the Database of British Hills. For hills not listed in that database, it is believed the information in these lists is the best available.

Corrections, omissions, mistakes, queries and anything else are more than welcome, to Mark Jackson markjackson2 (at)

Links to other useful and interesting information can be found on the RHB website.

Non-commercial reproduction and redistribution of these lists is not formally restricted. You are free to use them for non-profitmaking purposes yourself or on your website, but credit and/or a link here is expected.

¹The totals for each section add up to 16,654. However, ten hills lie on the border between Scotland and England and therefore have been counted in both region 28 and region 33. (No hills are deemed to lie exactly on the Welsh-English border.)

Region Hills Location
1443Southern borders of the Highlands
2140Rannoch to Tay
3209Glencoe, Rannoch, Appin, Lorn
4167Nevis, Mamores and Ben Alder groups
6228Atholl and Beinn a'Ghlo
7325Lochnagar to Strathmore and the coast
10384Morar, Locheil, Knoydart, Quoich and Glengarry
11181Kintail,Moriston and Affric
12322Killilan, Strathconon and Strathfarrar
13256Torridon and Applecross
14251Great Wilderness and the Fannichs
15261Ullapool to the Moray Firth
161032Far North
17628Skye, Rum, Mull and nearby islands
18297South of Glenfinnan
19786Argyll and Bute, including Cowal Kintyre
20256Jura, Islay, Arran and surrounding islands
21411Aberdeenshire: Spey to Dee
22413Shetland Islands
23100Orkney Islands
24690Western Isles
2522St Kilda
26376Central Scotland
27952Galloway to Glasgow
28876South East Scotland

2945Isle of Man

RegionHills Location
30901North Wales
31953Mid-Wales and Pembrokeshire
32468South Wales

33223Far North
35278North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales
36470South Pennines, Peak District, Bowland
37119North York Moors, Wolds
39268Midlands and East Anglia
40480Devon and Cornwall
42333South East

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